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News Last Updated: Oct 18, 2010 - 11:53:30 AM

November 14 2004 Newsletter
By Craig and Marjorie Walsh
Nov 14, 2004 - 8:46:00 PM

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News from Sunny Worcestershire

Lucies Farm Ltd.

Home of Scottish | Kobe Beef


New Luxury Holiday Hampers 

The Ichiban Box: Great Meat, Good Fortune, and the Future


The Ichiban contains something that will cause the recipient to plan 3,000 years into the future.

A journalist recently called us and asked us to formulate a Christmas dinner for dogs. The recipes are on our recipe website, and you can order the Doggie Christmas Pudding from our shopping site.  


We now have a ready-to-cook meals on our website, including all of the ingredients you need to make Shabu Shabu. We also have Scottish | Kobe hamburgers and meatloaf.



Our new dog holiday hamper features 2.5 kg (that's 5 pounds) of Lucies Farm handmade biscuits, shipped in a wooden box. Please click here.




November 14, 2004


Ø Lucies Farm Ichiban Gift Box


Next Scottish | Kobe Steer on Friday


Kobe Beef Facts and Recipes

Ø Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort


Lucies Farm Ichiban Gift Box 


Today we introduce our first gift box -- the Ichiban. This means "Number One" in Japanese, and this box is truly a premier experience.


The Ichiban comes in a hand-made wooden box with studded metal edges, made especially for Lucies Farm by a small factory in Birmingham. The box can be used for the storage of Christmas ornaments, paperwork, toys, etc. after the holidays.


Included in the Ichiban is a Scottish | Kobe Standing Rib Roast, a wireless meat thermometer, the tallest living thing on earth, the largest peanuts (imported from Virginia), something to bring good luck and good fortune, and something for your sweet tooth. It's all unique, and supplies are limited. Please click here to view.


Next Scottish | Kobe Steer - on Friday 

Our next steer is completing the 21 day ageing process, and the Scottish | Kobe meat will be available to ship late this week.

Beautifully cared for, regularly massaged, well fed --- the pedigree Highland cattle repay us with delicious Scottish | Kobe beef. Please click here to order.


New Kobe Beef Website -- Facts and Recipes 

We have just launched a website with articles about the history of Kobe beef and Japanese practices. We located the author of the 1983 book Beef in Japan and obtained his kind permission to reprint sections of his book. We also hired a photographer to take new photos of Kobe farming in Japan. We've added new recipes and a whole lot more. Please click to visit.


Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort 

We have just opened our Luxury Pet Resort in Sunny Worcestershire. We only have four guests at a time, and they enjoy our own private 17 acre woodland, an architect-designed kennel (with underfloor heating and air conditioning), and --- of course --- our premium dog food. Please visit the Pet Resort website.

Copyright 2004 Lucies Farm Ltd.

Lucies Farm Ltd.
Colletts Green
Worcester,  WR2 4RY


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